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My Yoga Classes

"Yoga is self-acceptance, not self-improvement"

My Yoga Journey 

Moving and traveling

My yoga journey began in 2001 in Abu Dhabi, where at that time there were hardly any English-speaking yoga classes, and continued on two other continents: Asia (Tokyo and Seoul) and North America (New York). The discovery of yoga in my life and the many experiences abroad were very formative for my personal development, my experiences on the yoga mat as a yoga student and ultimately for my path as a yoga teacher. 

Rest and arrival

Along with all the movement in my life, not only from traveling but also as a working mother of three sons, rest was often the missing piece to balance things out. It wasn't until my Restorative Yoga teacher training that I became aware of the importance of self-care and relaxation to replenish my energy bowl in order to move through life with my usual high energy level.

The connection between movement and stillness

Finding the balance between movement and stillness, between stability and flexibility, the yin and the yang, between the movement, the travel and the stillness, the arrival, that is what I have learned through yoga and would like to pass on.


Yoga Younited

Yoga Younited was born out of my passion for yoga and my international background and life as a modern nomad. I lived abroad for 16 years and got to know and love many other cultures. Both yoga and my openness and curiosity for other countries, cultures and people are the pillars for the Yoga Younited brand.

The You stands for you, because with you I would like to share my personal yoga journey and the knowledge I have accumulated all these years. My yoga is about you. The connection of my yoga world with yours and the focus on the individuality in each of us. Everyone starts their own yoga journey, on which I like to be your companion. In this way, my energy connects with yours and from this connection of Me and You a unity is created, which is reflected in the play of words from You and United.

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