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My Yoga 

"Yoga is self-acceptance, not self-improvement"

In my yoga classes I take the participants on a journey from a state of distraction, imbalance and stress to a state of mindfulness, balance, calm and equilibrium.

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"When the essence of essential oils combines with your own essence, magic happens."

Aroma Yoga combines two fascinating sciences, which both persue a wholistic approach.


Essential oils in combination with yoga poses can either intensify, complement or neutralise the effect on body, mind and soul.

It enables the connection with your true essence.

Aroma yoga workshop

In these workshops you dive into the fabulous world of essential oils and experience the magical combination of yoga and essential oils - Aroma Yoga

  • Brief introduction of essential oils and their effect on body, mind and soul

  • Introduction of all essential oils used during the workshop, explaining how and why you can apply them

  • Why can essential oils improve your yoga practice

  • 90-minutes Yoga Flow with essential oils

  • Gift for you: Mixing your own Aroma Spray

Please find the current schedule for 2021 at Events. 

Private classes are also possible, please contact me for further details.


Yoga Younited at home

  • Privat classes in your own comfortable home setting

  • Focusing on your own individual preferences

  • FB-Group with regular posts and inputs for your home practice

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Please contact me to book a date: 


Yoga at your workplace

Are you tense, stiff, tired  and not in the mood to go to a yoga-studio after work?


Then let yoga come to your work …


Yoga at your workplace is a win-win situation for all, because happy and healthy employees who feel appreciated and supported by the management, will perform better, more efficiently and are healthier and need therefore less sick leave.


Even if there is no dedicated room in your office, yoga sequences can be taught that can be integrated into an office setting and need  less space. 

Please contact me to book a date or receive more details: 


Sup yoga

Sun Salutations, Cobra & Co on a SUP Board.

Improve your balance and coordination doing Yoga on the board

Each summer I offer SUP Yoga classes at the following places:


  • Sailing School Hofbauer at Alte Donau, Wien

  • Lunzer See in Lower Austria

  • Ossiacher See in Carinthia

For SUP Schools / Public Beaches / Hotels, etc.:


Contact me to receive an estimate or further booking details:

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